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CCTV Secure 360o Surveillance Systems

It’s good to know that Fineline Tech Pvt. Ltd. CCTV Security Systems is a company based in Pune, Maharashtra, with its headquarters located in Pune. The fact that they have been operating since 2014 suggests that they have a significant amount of experience in the security systems industry.

As a company that has been in operation for several years, Fineline Tech Pvt. Ltd. has likely developed a strong reputation for providing high-quality security solutions and services. This can be invaluable for potential clients, as it can provide reassurance that they are working with a reputable and trustworthy company.

In addition to their headquarters in Pune, it’s possible that Fineline Tech Pvt. Ltd. has additional locations or partners in other cities or regions, allowing them to provide security solutions to a wider range of clients.

Overall, the fact that Fineline Tech Pvt. Ltd. has been in operation for several years and is based in Pune, Maharashtra, suggests that they are a reliable and experienced provider of security solutions and services. Potential clients can likely benefit from their expertise and experience in the industry.

It’s great to hear that Fineline Tech Pvt. Ltd. has several years of experience in implementing world-class infrastructure projects in the residential and commercial space. This experience can be invaluable when it comes to designing and implementing effective and reliable CCTV surveillance systems for their clients.

The fact that Fineline Tech has experience in working in challenging environments is also a significant advantage, as it means that they are well-equipped to handle any obstacles or issues that may arise during the installation or maintenance of CCTV systems.

Fineline Tech’s expertise in IT integration is also an important aspect of their services, as modern CCTV systems often require integration with other IT systems such as access control systems and alarm systems. By having a deep understanding of IT integration, Fineline Tech can ensure that their clients’ CCTV systems are fully integrated with their existing IT infrastructure, allowing for seamless operation and management.

As suppliers of CCTV surveillance equipment, Fineline Tech can provide their clients with access to a range of high-quality CCTV cameras, recording equipment, and other necessary components to ensure that their CCTV systems are reliable and effective.

Overall, Fineline Tech’s experience and expertise in implementing infrastructure projects, working in challenging environments, and IT integration can make them a valuable partner for any organization looking to implement reliable and effective CCTV surveillance systems.

Our values are at the heart of our business reputation and are essential to our continued success. We are a dynamic, innovative service provider with a commitment to support our business partners in every aspect of their fleet-based operations. Our experience in widely varying environments, coupled with our ability to anticipate market developments, form the solid basis on which we build productive and rewarding partnerships with our clients. Fineline Tech, CCTV Security Systems, offers comprehensive and highly flexible service packages that can be tailored precisely to its customers’ needs. Our guidance is strong and our technology is fast, efficient, secure, and reliable.

Access Control Systems


Fineline Tech Provide all Brand Access Control Systems

That is correct! Access control is a critical aspect of data security that helps organizations control and monitor access to their sensitive data and resources. Access control policies typically involve two main processes: authentication and authorization.

Authentication refers to the process of verifying the identity of a user or system attempting to access a resource. This can involve various methods, such as usernames and passwords, biometric authentication (e.g., fingerprint or facial recognition), or smart cards. Once a user’s identity is verified, they are granted access to the system.

Authorization, on the other hand, involves determining what level of access a user or system is allowed based on their identity and the policies in place. For example, an employee in the finance department may have access to sensitive financial data, while an employee in marketing may not. Access control policies define the rules and permissions that determine who can access what data and resources, and to what extent.

By implementing strong access control policies, organizations can better protect their sensitive data from unauthorized access or theft, which can help prevent data breaches and other security incidents.

Attendance Systems

Attendance Systems

That’s correct! Time and attendance systems are essential tools for employee management as they enable employers to monitor and manage their employees’ working hours and attendance accurately. By using a time and attendance system, businesses can track when employees start and stop work, how long they take on breaks, and when they are absent from work.

This information is critical for businesses to make informed decisions, such as forecasting sales predictions, determining workforce demand, and allocating available working hours. Time and attendance systems can also help businesses calculate payroll accurately, reduce errors, and increase efficiency.

There are various time and attendance systems available in the market, such as eSSL Attendance Systems, Biomax Attendance Systems, ZKTeco Attendance Systems, Spectra Attendance Systems, Secureeye Attendance Systems, Hikvision Attendance Systems, and many more. These systems use different methods to track and monitor employee attendance, such as biometric authentication (e.g., fingerprint or facial recognition), RFID cards, or mobile apps.

By implementing a reliable and efficient time and attendance system, businesses can improve their employee management and increase productivity, which can ultimately lead to better business outcomes.

CCTV Camera Systems

cctv camera system

That’s correct! CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras are an essential component of modern security systems, and they have various useful security applications. CCTV cameras can be used for public space monitoring, commercial applications, industrial monitoring, traffic monitoring, transport safety, retail security, schools, and entertainment and sports locations.

In public spaces, CCTV cameras can help deter criminal activity, provide evidence for criminal investigations, and help emergency services respond quickly in case of an incident. In commercial and industrial settings, CCTV cameras can help monitor employee activity, prevent theft and vandalism, and improve workplace safety.

There are many CCTV camera brands available in the market, such as Hikvision CCTV Camera, Dahua CCTV Camera, Godrej CCTV Camera, Samsung CCTV Camera, Panasonic CCTV Camera, Honeywell CCTV Camera, CP Plus CCTV Camera, Axis CCTV Camera, HD Camera, and IP Camera. Each brand has its unique features, specifications, and pricing options, which can suit different security needs and budgets.

In addition to CCTV camera supply and installation, security companies like Fineline Tech Pvt. Ltd. may also offer CCTV AMC (annual maintenance contracts) and CCTV maintenance services to ensure that the cameras are functioning correctly and are updated with the latest security features and software.

By implementing a reliable CCTV camera system, businesses and individuals can increase their security and reduce the risk of theft, vandalism, and other security incidents.









360 oTotal Security Services

CCTV Surveillance Systems

Access Control Systems

Biometric access control is one of the most popular types of security systems on the market, and for good reason: it combines security and convenience in a way that no other access control system can. Access control refers to the management of an access point, such as a door, turnstile, elevator, etc.

Fingerprint Door Access

home automation systems

A home automation system will monitor and/or control home attributes such as lighting, climate, entertainment systems, and appliances. … A home automation system typically connects controlled devices to a central smart home hub (sometimes called a “gateway”).

Home Automation System

cctv systems

CCTV camera requires cabling to transmit the video feeds to a limited set of monitors. … Surveillance or security cameras, on the other hand, transmit the recorded video to an NVR (Network Video Recorder) in form of digital signals through a single PoE cable, eliminating the requirement of power cables.

CCTV Surveillance System

360 oTotal Security Services

Security Systems Service Process

It’s great to hear that Fineline Tech offers a range of security solutions for commercial properties such as towers, warehouses, factories, nature reserves, farms, hotels, schools, and retail shops. Commercial properties often have specific security needs that must be addressed to ensure the safety and protection of assets, employees, and customers.

By designing, supplying, and installing security systems that are tailored to the specific needs of each commercial property, Fineline Tech can provide effective and reliable security solutions. Some of the security systems that may be installed in commercial properties include access control systems, CCTV cameras, alarm systems, intercom systems, and fire safety systems.

Access control systems can help manage who has access to specific areas of the property, ensuring that only authorized personnel can enter restricted areas. CCTV cameras can help monitor the property and provide evidence for investigations if necessary. Alarm systems can alert security personnel and emergency services in case of a security breach, while intercom systems can help control entry to the property and enhance communication between staff and visitors.

In addition to the installation of security systems, Fineline Tech may also provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure that the systems continue to operate correctly and are updated with the latest security features and software.

Overall, working with a reliable and experienced security provider like Fineline Tech can provide peace of mind for commercial property owners and managers, knowing that their property, assets, and people are protected with effective and reliable security solutions.


Supplying & Installation of high-quality yet affordable security systems, cameras & smart home systems for houses, villas & apartments.


Fineline Tech is Supplying world high-class Security Systems in Pune Maharashtra, and protection, airport, city traffic, school, commercial, residential, premises, Etc…

360 o Total Security Services

CCTV Surveillance Systems

Why CCTV Secure 360 ?
Residential Security
Commercial Requirements
C-Mount CCTV 75%
Day/Night CCTV 78%
Infrared/Night Vision CCTV 80%
Network/IP CCTV 70%
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Yusuf is a amazing guy with a great knowledge in CCTV, Fire alarm Systems, Biometric and Networking. As per your requirements he suggests you the CCTV cameras and the brands within your budgets. A wide range of branded products available in his shop. In terms of installation and maintenance, Fineline Tech gives you service very promptly. Thanks Fineline Tech 😍😍