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CP Plus CCTV Camera in Fineline Tech

CP Plus CCTV Camera technology has made good progress. CCTV’s are a great way to combat any possible dangers. With the advancement, the implementation of CP Plus CCTV security for your organization or home now becomes easier.  Throughout the commercial offices and buildings, what the business requires is meticulous consideration of integrated security solutions. Though the guards extend an element of protection, sometimes it seems clear that their service is not enough to provide a close watch of the entire premises. Here comes the importance of CP Plus CCTV security systems within the business environment. As far as the business is concerned, what you need is a perfect Security solution in place. We carry, CP Plus IP Camera, CP Plus HD Camera, CP Plus NVR, CP Plus DVR, CP Plus CCTV installation


Fineline Tech provides security solutions with CP PLUS CCTV Camera

It is important to take security seriously. Now with the increasing fear of crime and burglaries, most of organizations are looking for integrated security solutions.  CP PLUS CCTV Surveillance the worldwide leader in cutting-edge surveillance and security solutions comes with advanced systems that provide a refined approach to your varied security needs. Fineline Tech is well proficient in providing advanced surveillance systems including the CP Plus security cameras and CP Plus recording systems. With years of experience in redefining the security strategies in and around Pune and Maharashtra, across various industries, we are considered as the best CCTV solution provider in Pune. and CP Plus CCTV installation. CP Plus HD Camera, CP Plus IP Camera, CP Plus NVR, CP Plus DVR, CP Plus Dome Camera, CP Plus Bullet Camera, CP Plus PTZ,

Some of the security systems that CP Plus CCTV Cameras Offer

The IP cameras from CP Plus are designed to refine the viewing experience in a much-sophisticated way. The IP camera is available in wireless and wired versions and these are particularly easy to use which can be moved around the environment easily.

It offers the features of

  • Night Vision
  • Long-distance live data transmission
  • Interoperability
  • Good IP range
  • Digital capture
  • High-quality Image Sensor
  • Supports High Resolution

CP Plus Analog Cameras

Analog camera from the CP Plus Pune balance the quality and output in an enhanced way. Designed for a variety of applications, the CP Plus analog cameras are the sure choice for your security needs at a reasonable expense. Paying attention to the activities, with analog cameras from the trusted brand in the industry, we deliver flawless CCTV solutions in Pune to secure your most sensitive areas, your building premises, and so on.


CP Plus Network Video Recorder

CP Plus Network Video Recorders from CP Plus Pune, Maharashtra, delivers excellent recording and management solutions. We believe that the recording system has a pivotal role in security systems. CP Plus NVR is designed to deliver all the features of a top-end security system. With the wide range of network video recorders, you get high-definition recording solutions along with the CP Plus network cameras and other branded network cameras.

The Network Video Recorders from CP Plus has the following features:

  • Real-time live view
  • Good Incoming bandwidth
  • Support other brand IP cameras
  • Smart search by time and date
  • Dual codec decoding
  • Simultaneous video Output
  • Playback features

CP Plus Digital Video Recorder

CP Plus DVR, records the video in a digital format to the storage mediums such as the disk drive, memory card, or other network-connected storage devices. DVRs connected with the analog cameras record the video streams and store them in storage devices. The DVRs from the CP Plus have all the features that can be well paired with the Analog cameras.

It has the features of

  • Real-time preview
  • Dual-stream video compression
  • Supports the playback facilities
  • Support remote access
  • Real-time recording (for some models)
  • Real-time recording (some models)
  • Trigger important events

When it comes to security systems CP plus CCTV security systems are the good ones to deal with. It has the extended features and capabilities to deliver quality surveillance to industries of all sizes and homes. Fineline Tech is proficient to turn the flawless security solution in for whatever your security needs with the CP Plus products. Apart from Pune, Maharashtra, we have an extensive service influence in the region of Pune, Pimpri Chinchwad, Mumbai, Chakan, Ranjhan Gaon MIDC, Al Kurkumbh MIDC. Our ability to design and implement the systems across varied domains has earned the reputation as the best CCTV service provider in Pune, Maharashtra. Contact us now to know more about the design and implementation.

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