Dahua CCTV Camera

Dahua CCTV Camera.

For most organizations, the security strategy involves outlining plans for various measures that ensure the safety and integrity of the company’s assets and premises. The installation of security cameras is often considered a necessary addition for both organizations and homes. By implementing CCTV security for your business, you can closely monitor activities without interruption. This approach proves highly effective in deterring burglars and intruders. The advantages of employing CCTV security systems in partnership with Dahua Fineline Tech are numerous, contributing to heightened productivity within a secure environment. Selecting the appropriate solution for your business is paramount given the array of companies offering security products and solutions to the industry.

Dahua is widely recognized for its security innovations and integrations, establishing itself as a market leader in security product production. These systems offer reliable protection across all levels.

Fineline Tech is thrilled to embrace the capabilities of Dahua security systems, enhancing both commercial and residential spaces with cutting-edge surveillance cameras. Adhering to rigorous industry standards, we meticulously strategize and implement comprehensive surveillance systems using Dahua CCTV Systems. Our product portfolio encompasses an array of Dahua offerings, including IP cameras, Analog Cameras, NVRs, and DVRs.

IP Cameras: Dahua IP cameras stand as versatile tools suitable for a wide range of applications, be it outdoor or indoor surveillance. Infused with unwavering performance and reliability, Dahua IP cameras, available through Fineline Tech, present a host of benefits for your security requirements. Noteworthy among these advantages is their adaptability to diverse image resolutions. The top-tier cameras, boasting high megapixels, quality lenses, and other crucial factors, ensure meticulous event capture. These feature-rich Dahua IP cameras expand the horizons of surveillance possibilities.

Key features encompass:

  • Dual-stream encoding
  • Night Vision capabilities
  • Event-triggered functionality
  • Noise reduction attributes
  • Varying megapixel options
  • Some models offer Multiple Network Monitoring capabilities

Analog Cameras: Dahua Analog cameras redefine indoor and outdoor surveillance through a comprehensive suite of advanced features. These features and functionalities provide effective solutions for medium to large businesses, enhancing their security posture.

Notable features include:

  • High resolution imagery
  • Night Vision capabilities
  • Privacy masking options
  • Picture adjustment capabilities
  • Noise reduction support
  • Efficient power consumption

Fineline Tech takes immense pride in delivering Dahua’s technological prowess to empower security initiatives. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your security policy is addressed comprehensively through the integration of Dahua systems, whether it’s through IP cameras with their versatile features or Analog cameras with their innovative capabilities. Trust us to fortify your security infrastructure with Dahua’s state-of-the-art surveillance solutions.


Network Video Recorders (NVR) An NVR is a device that records videos from IP cameras, allowing users to view footage in both real-time and recorded forms. Video management systems control video organization. The Dahua NVR offers several key features:

  • Real-time live view
  • Dual-stream encoding
  • Preview and recording capabilities
  • Real-time playback
  • Smart Search functionality
  • Multiple network monitoring support
  • Automatic IP address acquisition
  • Web viewer compatibility

Digital Video Recorder (DVR) A DVR is paired with analog cameras to convert analog signals into digital formats for storage and management. Dahua’s Digital Video Recorder suits organizations with analog surveillance systems, enabling remote video management. The Dahua DVR lineup includes Hybrid, Premium, Professional, Entry, and Home-level options. Noteworthy features include:

  • Real-time live view
  • Dual-stream encoding
  • Preview and recording capabilities
  • Multiple network monitoring support
  • Compatibility with multi-brand cameras
  • Automatic IP address acquisition

Dahua’s feature-rich offerings demonstrate their excellence in CCTV security. Are you unsure if your business requires CCTV security? Opting for our services ensures robust protection, with a comprehensive service network covering Pune’s areas, including Pimpri Chinchwad, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Chakan MIDC, Ranjhan Gaon MIDC, and Kurkumbh MIDC. Our expertise spans educational institutions, corporates, and various sectors, establishing us as a reliable and quality CCTV service provider in Pune.

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