Hikvision AcuSense Camera

Hikvision AcuSense Camera


What is hikvision AcuSense?

Hikvision AcuSense camera is an intelligent analysis technology based on deep learning algorithms. It categorizes target objects into three types: a person, a car and others. When an operator selects certain types of objects, the AcuSense cameras or network video recorders filter out other non-selected types, which significantly reduces the number of false alarms.
The AcuSense deep learning algorithm maximizes security through the detection of people and vehicles. It helps to respond to real-time security threats, while significantly reducing the number of false alarms and their associated costs.
Hikvision AcuSense pays no attention to natural factors: for example, when it rains or leaves fall, the alarm will not go off. Video analytics only generate warnings, when the surveillance camera or video recorder detects vehicles or people. The AcuSense technology surveillance cameras detect potential intruders before they would commit crimes.
There is also a quick search function that allows security guards to find footage of an incident within minutes. This solution saves security guards a lot of time, because otherwise they would have searched for the needed footage manually.


How does hikvision AcuSense work?

Hikvision AcuSense technology uses a filtering system to classify targets as humans, vehicles, or “Other” objects. With a powerful deep-learning algorithm at its core, it can intelligently differentiate between moving objects like shadows, leaves, animals, and other such unexpected movements.

What is AcuSense technology?

Acusense is the name for a new technology from Hikvision that analyses live video in real-time and intelligently identifies people and vehicles. Acusense technology is combined with intrusion detection or line crossing which allows a user to define an area where a target should be identified.

hikvision acusense camera

What is DarkFighter technology?

The DarkFighter lens employs an aspherical lens shape, which effectively reduces image aberration present in conventional cameras with a spherical lens. As the aspherical lens has a free-form surface, the lens improves light transmittance, and consequently, enhances image brightness at night.

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