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Door Access Control System Pune


Door Access Control Pune,Technology has emerged to large extent in the area of security. So ensuring privacy and safety to our property is the responsibility of each one of us. Doors are the main gateways to enter a home or any normal offices. Providing secure access to the door can help us keep our assets safe. You can also allow access whom you need to have it. We offer world class door access control

Our company provides a wide spectrum of services such as door access control systems, taking excellence support right from the installation time, integration and customization. Fineline Tech Pvt. Ltd. is the best company in Pune which offers fingerprint and RFID time attendance and access control to 2 and 4 door access control panel or Mifare card reader, proximity card reader etc.


Door Access Control Systems Pune


Door access control systems in Dubai

Door access control systems in Pune

As technology takes over our lives, security comes into the daily curriculum. Fineline Tech Pvt. Ltd. consider all your security demands with the most efficient solutions that keep all your doors closed unless you approve the opening of the doors.

We have a wide range of services and products indoor access control systems in the Pune, Pimpri Chinchwad, Chakan MIDC, Ranjhan Gaon MIDC, Kurkumbh MIDC, Jejuri MIDC Shirval. Our services range from installation, integration up to customization to fit your particular needs. We also take care of the need to develop new features in your door access control systems.

We are a one-stop installer for all the security solutions, for instance, RFID and Fingerprint Time Attendance for 2 and four panels for access control. Additionally, we offer the service of installing the proximity card reader and also Mifare Card Reader.Through those services indoor access control panel in the Pune, there is no need to look for them in any other company. We are here for you. Reach out to us, and you will solve your problems.

We use the latest technology to offer the systems indoor access control. Fineline Tech Pvt. Ltd. professionals can comprehend and create an excellent system according to your needs. Therefore, it is crucial to list all that you need to achieve with the door access control systems. We are versatile and can enhance your meeting of the organizational goals.

Door Access Control


Door access control system Dubai

Door access control system Pune

Access control systems have become the common thing in most organizations that aspire to fit in this era of digital revolution. They have been considered to be the highest standard that every attendance and security management portfolio seeks to incorporate. Staff identification, time out and time in capabilities, recording of time, among others, can be enhanced in one system. Issuing of identity cards by the employers to employees may be utilized to supplement the scanning systems that are placed at strategic points within the organization.

RFID scanners can detect the codes in the identity cards of the employees. The software is capable of detecting whether the individual is a member of the organization or not. Once that conclusion has been made, it grants door access for the employee without any inconvenience.In addition to that, the software measures the presence of the employees, and this is recorded in the application that will later be confirmed by the employer.

We as the most trusted company offering door access control systems service, recommend that you choose the best solution for your organization security. We know the threat the intruders pose to the organization, and it can even cost the firm a shutdown.

Access control systems


Door access control system UAE

Door access control system Pune

The solutions come in many variants, depending on the shape and function. However, most of the access control systems that are used by many organizations have the following essential components:

  1. User or employee is facing: this involves access cards, access control keypad and the card reader.
  2. Employee or administrator is facing: the access management station, integration and the API.
  3. Infrastructure: access control panel, access control server computer plus cabling and also lock for electronic access.

The employee facing enters the credential in the form of access cards as the primary inputs. Most often, the smartphone-based mobile credentials and also identity cards and badges are used in this component.

When the user-facing is inputted at the card reader, it produces a beep sound, and when the credentials have been approved, the access through the door is permitted. This is what you have and can grant you access through the gates into the premises.

At the screen check, we comply with the security framework for door access control to our customers. We have the relevant experience and expertise among our Fineline Tech Pvt. Ltd. team to deliver perfect security solutions. This has made us be the leading player in the industry.

Fineline Tech Pvt. Ltd. as a leader in the delivery of Access control systems services in the Pune


Door access control system installation UAE

Door access control system installation Pune

Access control systems are electronic systems that are designed to control those who view or utilize the resources in a computing atmosphere. It can, therefore, curb or limit access to systems or physical environments.

The systems are widely utilized in the organization by the supervisors to grant access during the working hours. Only the permitted individuals can enter the premises and therefore, this promotes security. Even the exit from the particular locations within the organization is only upon the grant of permission. This system can be crucial in curbing theft of items in the organization or residential building. Access control systems can be combined with the CCTV security systems to detect the motion of people with a given location in the organization or villa.

Most commonly Fineline Tech Pvt. Ltd. team installs the following types of access control systems:

Controllers for doors, card readers, Biometric door access control systems, RFID systems, among others.

In addition to that, we have a team of qualified engineers and technicians who will perform maintenance of the door access control systems conveniently.We will ensure that, at any particular instance, the systems will never fail you. We understand the security risks that our customers may be exposed to.

Card Access Systems

We can help you decide

  1. Which card system is right
  2. Proper access points
  3. A package to meet your budget
  4. Free on-site estimates

You can decide who has access

The proximity cards have small radio transponders which recognize the holder in the system. The proximity element is that the card only requires to be held near the reader to allow access. These cards fit in a wallet and are the size and shape of a credit card. They can be printed with the owner of the picture for extra security. With a card system, you have more control than just handing out a key.

Allow or deny access

The access control systems give access to authorized users only. You can allow access to workers between specified times, and even enable entry to the cleaners whenever scheduled.

Workplace security

There has always been a demand to secure people and property by limiting access to restricted areas or even in the main entrances. With the card system, you can decide who get into your building who does not.

What is the right system for you?

You can contact us today to get a free quote. We shall help to guide you all through.




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