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Time Attendance Systems Pune

Time and Attendance systems Pune, Welcome to Fineline Tech Pvt. Ltd. We are among the leading providers of security solutions and a sales firm, collaborating with our clients and workforce. We ensure continuous improvement by managing both the employees and the employer positively and smoothly. We guarantee a strategic alliance with the executives and therefore, we offer certified and trained resources that accommodate the complicated technological setup of the clients.

We provide excellent time attendance solutions that will ensure that you pay your employees for only the hours worked. It will ensure that you do not waste your resources. Our team of experts is committed towards your complete satisfaction. We listen to all the demands, and hence, responding swiftly by installing the perfect time attendance machine in your workplace. You have a reason to choose us as the most preferred installer of time attendance systems.

We offer high-quality services since we understand that our client is the most significant component of our industry. We install biometric attendance systems, which is the current trend in employee tracking system in the Pune. Time attendance system will help to monitor time and attendance of your employees, and eventually, there will be a significant decline in the number of conflicts with them.


Biometric time Attendance and Flexible Management of Schedules

Time attendance machine pune

Time attendance machine Pune


We install well-designed and tested biometric, facial and RFID detection products to capture time and attendance of the employees of your organization. In addition to that, the products can track the costing of the job, analysis of the working hours, and even management of security. Biometric time attendance machines are capable of access control and management of employee attendance.

As Fineline Tech Pvt. Ltd. team is proud, we are determined to offer our clients with web-based time and desktop systems across the Pune Maharashtra. We have a user-friendly time and attendance management system suitable for your organizational demands. Fineline Tech Pvt. Ltd. Time Attendance is well-designed to fit the most average computer user, whereby no programming and database skills are needed to run the systems in the offices.

Additionally, we guarantee our customers with the most sophisticated Access Control Solutions in the Pune, which will deny or allow access to individuals after an appropriate interpretation. Flexible management of schedule is also within our scope of services to our clientele in the Pune Maharashtra. You can set any number of workgroups and time shifts as needed by your firm with the help of our intuitive interface. Fineline Tech Pvt. Ltd. caters for all your time management demands.

Why Choose a cloud-based Model for Time and attendance management

Biometric time attendance machine Pune

Biometric time attendance machine Pune

The Cloud model assists companies to reduce their investment in the physical infrastructure, licensing and maintenance costs. Therefore, firms can choose to subscribe to a wide range of services that are hosted on a shared platform on the internet. Fineline Tech Pvt. Ltd. biometric solutions are easily deployable, usable and configurable, and we provide this solution at a relatively affordable cost to our esteemed clients. Our company assures customers of the following benefits:

  • The convenience that is, available anytime and anywhere across the Pune.
  • It is easily scalable and offers a high level of security.
  • Reports and alerts are automated.
  • Our expert team manages the time and attendance machines
  • The servers and computers do not require any maintenance.

We are the most trusted company in the Pune for the provision of time Attendance systems and Access control solutions. We have helped our customers to highlight the challenges and then providing them with tailor-made solutions that address those issues adequately. Our company is renowned for offering automated time and attendance systems. These solutions are a crucial ingredient for the current organizational structure, where everything tends to digitalization. The systems bring about a working system which demands less human resource in the management of the payroll and attendance.

Time Attendance Machine

Biometric time attendance machine Pune

Biometric time attendance machine Pune

Fineline Tech Pvt. Ltd. provides you with the leading time attendance systems in the Pune. We, as Fineline Tech Pvt. Ltd., are an experienced firm in IT solutions that has partnered with numerous clients all over the Pune. We have an expert team of technical engineers and technicians, who have earned credit for 10 years of service delivery across the Pune-Maharashtra.

Fineline Tech Pvt. Ltd. professionals offer you with excellent time attendance solutions in the Pune, Pimpri Chinchwad, Chakan, Ranjhan Gaon, Shirval MIDC, Kurkumbh MIDC, Jejuri MIDC. A time and attendance machine offer many merits to the firm or organization. For example, it enhances access of the employer to the working hours accomplished by the employees. In addition to that, a time and attendance machine can help to save on labor expenses through a reduction in the overpayments.

We have a highly talented and skilled team of Fineline Tech Pvt. Ltd. professionals who will ensure that your issues with the time attendance systems are solved. Our team has been very passionate about providing the best services in time and attendance management systems at favorable prices to resellers and clients.


Fingerprint attendance system

Many firms are switching to a fingerprint system because of the advantages it offers as opposed to the demerits of the conventional time attendance registration methods. The latter is based on badges and pin codes that are tedious to implement. Additionally, the pin codes are disadvantageous to the employees because they often get lost and even some colleagues find them and use them illegally. The use of the fingerprint attendance systems helps to reduce the fraud in time registration. This is commonly known as buddy punching. It will also lower the overhead charges that are most often imposed on the employees whenever they lose the pin codes and badges.

When you think of buying the fingerprint attendance systems, always consider the following tips.

  • First, take into consideration the pricing model of the fingerprint attendance systems.
    Fingerprint time attendance machine Dubai

    Fingerprint time attendance machine Pune

  • You also need to consider the number of licenses required for the fingerprint attendance system. This also comes with the possibility of future upgrades when necessary.
  • Similarly, you should consider the requirements in the environment of the fingerprint attendance system. This will ascertain you whether the fingerprint scanners will function adequately in a particular context.
  • When considering that, have a look at the dust, humidity, and temperature which may be present in your surrounding as they will affect the operating of the fingerprint attendance system.

What are the benefits of cloud-based time attendance system?

  • No need to spend more money on more hardware and maintenance cost.
  • Save license fee of attendance software.
  • We provide faster configuration of a biometric solution when it is hosted in a cloud server
  • Easy to get remote support and service.

How we became the leading company that provides time attendance systems & access controls?

Here are a few reasons for us to be chosen as the top Access control & RFID solution provider in Pune-Maharashtra.

Fingerprint time attendance machine UAE

Fingerprint time attendance machine Pune

Fineline Tech Pvt. Ltd. has equipped many industries and offices in the Pune Maharashtra with the latest biometric systems and access control points. We have strong skills and a long period of experience in this area. Several customers have helped us find more referral business because they are highly satisfied with our services.

What kind of attendance solution is available?

We offer customized solutions that will match the exact needs of our valuable clients. Our solutions like automated time and attendance management systems help any organization to effectively manage their staff attendance with accurate timing and dates. Thereby, the cost of human resource management can also be reduced through the information regarding payrolls can be even more perfect.




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