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Crystal intercom System Inter flat communication with "CLI" (caller line identification) on CLI Telephone tells you who is calling before even lifting the handset.

Advanced Hotline: Enable you to get connected to any programmable extension. Just lift the handset and wait to get connected to say "SECURITY" without having to dial.

AutoCall Back: If the extension you are trying is busy, you do not have to keep trying it again and again. The busy extension will ring back as soon as it becomes free.

Call Forwarding: If you are visiting some other flat, all your calls can be diverted to the visiting extension thereby
ensuring that you do not missout on important calls.

Super Conferencing : Involving unlimited number of extension facilities tele conferencing of committee members etc.

Call Pick Up: An unattended ringing extension can be answered form your non-ringing phone.

Flexible Numbering: Extension numbers can be given as flat numbers etc. No need to memorize the extension numbers.

Programmable Feature: Features can be selectively allowed or disallowed to any extension. 

PC Interface: Interface to the computer enabling you to Analyze the call details, etc.

Printer: Connect to the serial port of the printer. Printall call, calls extension wise, datewise, dependingon originating extension, depending on terminating extension, or last predetermined number of calls.

P&T Line Connectivity: For routing of incoming calls for modelG-8D and above.

Talking CLI : You can have a voice prompt of last five extn. nos. who had called you during your absence.


Flexible Numbering 
Unlimited Conference 
Panic Alarm on Single Pair Intercom Cable (no extra pair of wire required) 
Cable Cut Alarm (on single pair intercom cable) 
Chairman's Broadcast (Optional Features)
Vendor Arrival Announcement to all Extensions simultaneously* (voice- fieldprogrammable) 
Remote Display Unit for intercom Statue / Panic & Cable Cut indications*
Paging Interface 
Power relay Port for Hooter/ Porch Light 
Four independent security groups 
Serial Port for PC Interface 
Tone/ Pulse Switchable 
Extension to Extension Call 
Single Digit Access to Security / Reception/ Operator 
Extension Do Not Disturb 
Extension to Extension Call Barring Hot Line Security / Reception 
Call Forwarding 
Wake-up Alarm 
Emergency Reporting 
Discriminate Ringing 
Barge- in
Auto Call Back 
Call Pick Up
Boss-Secretary System Automatic Double Check with the Flat 
* (Optional Features)