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PABX Intercom System has so many feature that will make users feel as if each user is connected to an independently line from the exchange. Special features enhance user experience beyond description. Yet, another advantage users will enjoy are they can communicate within the EPABX without incurring any call charges.


 intercom system you should be able to connect multiples of extensions to a single line from the telephone exchange. Typically an office with 40-50 extensions will be comfortable with 5 lines from the exchange. Smaller offices will be able to manage with 2 or 3 lines connected to 12 intercoms.


  1. Call forwarding – This feature will let users transfer a call received from outside to a user within the organization. In more advanced models users can what is known as follow me? Follow me is a feature that enables users to take calls as they move around different nodes. By keying in their extension number, they will be able to take calls intended for them in another extension
  2. Call accounting – This is a feature that lets the organization keep a tab on the number of calls the employees make, the number the call and the duration of each call. This will help prevent unauthorized use of office phones by dishonest employees.
  3. Selective outgoing calling feature – This is a feature that will help bar the making of calls to numbers outside the organization. This feature is usually provided at the security gate, and other places where it is not advisable to let the extension be used for making outside calls. An extended use is to bar calls to international destinations.
  4. Conference calling – This feature makes it possible for 3 or more users to involve in a conversation simultaneously. All 3 callers can be either within the organization or 2 from outside and 1 from inside. Where there are 5 or more exchange lines connected it should be possible to involve 2 users from outside and more within the organization to engage in a conference.
  5. Voice mail – Only advanced PBX have this feature, though it is becoming common these days. By having voice mail feature it is possible to leave a message rather can back when an extension is engaged. Callers from outside the organization will also be able to access this feature. This feature can substation save time for users.

EPABX system is generally great for saving money, and is also easy to maintain. Failure rates in intercom system are generally low. Some PBX can be connected to computers for monitoring